Wednesday, 19 March 2008

resisting other people's dreams

M= boyfriend, A= me.

M- morning
A- mmm
M- did you have dreams, i was dreaming
A- dont think so
M- i dreamt about x men figures. I thought you had dreamt about x men figures too
A- why would you think that?
M- i dont know. i thought it up until this moment. i thought you just couldnt be bothered to say
A- why would x men figures permeate my conscious?
M- i thought we'd had the same dream
A- really. i really didnt dream of x men figures
M- okay.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Resisting Commuters

Today I went to Golder's Green and sat opposite two fat tired men. Both were well dressed and had faces that just hung there.

It occured to me that my boyfriend might be like that one day, if he becomes a businessman (his father is), but that didn't make me like them any more.

What's the point in making oneself so tired and fat, just to be a bit richer? It won't make you enjoy life any more. Better to be a tradesman, a builder or a chef, a traffic warden, better to use up your physical energy, and have time to hang out with your partner, friends, kids. Better to be hard up and enjoy.

They were at once depressing (people live like this) and life affirming (I don’t, I won’t). I wonder if as young men, they looked at businessmen on the train and thought the same.