Thursday, 15 April 2010


I've been busy with all these creative projects. I painted this stripy painting using acrylics. My acrylics are starting to run out and I find it funny because I am not a painter but a writer. I would like to paint a big version of the stripy picture horizontally onto a wall.

A little mushroom

My second ever little crochet project, pictured here with our new orchid, taking a drink in the sink.

More paper animals!

We made some more paper animals. Now there are twelve!

We're moving to a new home soon, because I am moving to Finland properly for a year or so. The plan is to save for future adventures. I'll teach young children at a very creative school. Everyone wears slippers and chooses what they will do.

The new home has a silver bedroom and a golden lounge. And all these animals will move with us. Perhaps we'll need an ark.

I made my first ever spanish tortilla

And it was delicious! Enjoying my time away from Cambridge.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Oh so quiet

It's so quiet in these Finnish forests that I can hear the snow melting.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Dubbed 'The Manchester of Finland', Tampere is a more industrial, though perhaps less industrious city than Helsinki. Cold and refreshing! Lots of old factories and teenagers dressed outrageously.

Walked around, took pictures, went to a nightclub and to church, to a planetarium and a poet cafe, to second hand shops and to the top of Finland's tallest buidling. The more I see of Finland, the more I realise it's sort of the same all over. Perhaps the world, too.

Also, we saw dolphins:

Five dolphins, some older than me. Beautiful and very splashy. We got wet.