Friday, 18 September 2009

So I moved to cambridge.

I live in Cambridge. Not just in Cambridge, but in Cambridge University. Homerton College, pictured above. Here are my observations from week one:
- we are allowed to read alot of picture books and play musical instruments and play ball games during lesson time
- no bottled water in the library
- 'the buttery' contains only an average amount of butter
- there are a lot of Japanese tourists in the town
- even when I only live a five minute walk from bed to lecture hall, I still possess a remarkable capacity to be five minutes late
- more often than not, lectures start 5 minutes early and finish 10 minutes late. maximum value for money then!
- everyone ive met is serious about studying
- the poetry scene is good
- on campus, no one walks on the grass, drops litter or is noisy. people hold doors and say hello when passing strangers. no one rushes.