Tuesday, 27 January 2009

I graduated.

I think I might stay.

I don't know what happened. Somewhere along the way I got used to being a matron in a boarding school. In just two weeks. How surreal. The rediculous number of hours and I feel calm and in control and even happy and mostly quite relaxed. I feel like staying. I can't say I feel like this every day, but I have only been here a couple of weeks, and I have felt it consistently for perhaps 48 hours, and it feels warm. For the first time since coming here, I've felt able to work on my novel.

The boys are pretty much like boys anywhere. Money doesn't make any difference, but lack of free time and parental contact does, I think. They become much more adult and self reliant. The twelve year olds talk to me about insurance and university league tables. The seven year olds don't want help with anything, if they can help it. My time here has expanded my world view.

Monday, 12 January 2009

So I moved in to a boarding school yesterday.

It's nothing like Harry Potter. I'm scared and homesick, and I'm 21. I'm not sure why people subject seven year olds to that.