Friday, 8 May 2009

Vivat Sunningdalia

Tonight at showers:
Vincent: Your mum sat on a tv and the tv broke because she was so stupid
Joe: Your mum was the tv but then she gave birth to you by accident
Vincent: Not your mum, my mum, i mean, your mum, your mum was the one that did that
Joe: Your mum was wearing a yellow t shirt and all it was was just a yellow t shirt with all her fat hanging out, all her fat hanging out at the bottom and out the sleeves
Vincent: Your mum was doing that except she turned into a taxi and everyone ran after her and tired to climb into the t shirt but her fat was taking up all the room, wasnt it
Joe: I'm better at the high jump
Vincent: I'm better at waterskiing I'm better at waterskiing I'm better at waterskiing
Joe: You're annoying
Vincent: You're annoying and I wish you would go away
Joe: You're a fart
Vincent: Your mum tried to fart but she couldn't
Joe: Yeah, well. I know what you are.
Vincent: No I'm not
Joe: You are
Vincent: No I'm not
Joe: You're a... you're a pube
Vincent: No I am not
Joe: You're two pubes
Vincent: You're pubes. What is a pubes?
Joe: It's really like a wanking. They're practically the same.
Vincent: What are they actually though, tell me
Joe: You're one of them. You should know.

Next thursday I'm leaving these boys and moving to Finland and having a new job and a new life. It breaks my heart to leave them. I don't know how I'll ever be able to tell them I'm going.