Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The glove.

My friend, who shall remain anonymous, told the following secret:

It is New Years Eve. He goes to a house party. A lot of people are outside, on the deck. He too is outside. It is very cold, and he wears gloves. He sees a guy he knows. The guy introduces him to his brother. They shake hands, but my friend does not remove his glove for the handshake. A gloved hand shakes an ungloved hand.

My friend felt bad about not removing the glove for around two years. For those two years, he thought about it every day. Now he now only thinks about it sometimes. I'm not sure if he still feels bad about it. Maybe a little.

Does anyone else have something tiny that lasted for years in thier head? When I was thirteen or so I lied about having seen a Southpark episode. A boy asked me if I'd seen it and I said yes because I wanted to talk to him and I wasn't sure how else I could. I told him I thought it was great. I felt bad about lying to him for... maybe a year. When I think of it now, I still feel a little bad.

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