Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Going to Inverness to write poems with the Laureates!

 Just recently I found out that I've been selected to attend a course with the Poet Laureates of England and Wales. It will take place in Inverness in August. I am so so excited, and slightly nervous! The course will be taught by Carol Ann Duffy (above) and Gillian Clarke, which is amazing. The writing house where we'll all stay is only 3 miles from Loch Ness. Did you know the Scottish Tourism board offer a million pounds if you manage to get a picture of the monster?!
I've never been to Scotland before, and I won't have much time to hang around and see all the sights, since the course is sandwiched in between the wedding and the move to Korea. This is the house where it's all happening:
I am scared I am going to die of cold! I hope it's not so grey-skied all the time! I'm trying to write poetry more regularly in the lead up to the course.

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