Saturday, 5 January 2008

delicious babies

Dear World,

Mathew and I would like to formally announce the names of our forthcoming babies:

1/ Shadowcat Azumi Liontamer McAwesome

2/ Lemony Lucas Zap Thor **** ***** Magee (other names to be announced at time of birth: they are surprises)

3/ Wolverine

4/ 011101000110111101101101 (tom in binary)

5/ Beardy Parrot-Shoulder Silverhook

In addition, John's firstborn:
- Ham Sammich

And Katie's:
-Mildred Margarine Magnetic Chess Sucker Smith

We hope you will look forward to welcoming them into the world as much as we do.


Joe Carpenter said...

They are indeed very cool names. Outstanding, Red Leader! I have decided that if I have a girl she shall be know as JEDI MASTER SO DON’T MESS WITH ME CARPENTER or maybe I will call her LOUISA ANNE CARPENTER. If I have a boy he will be called, WELL HARD B**T**D CARPENTER or maybe I shall call him THOMAS EDWARD CARPENTER. Who knows?

But I very much like the name in binary. I wonder how the priest would find saying that at the Christening. Hmmmmm.....

Mathew said...

I will raise Shadowcat as a ninja and teach her to walk through walls. And if she don't wanna NO FOOD!

I like your ideas Joe though i think JEDI MASTER SO DON'T MESS WITH ME COS I MAKE YODA LOOK LIKE A LITTLE GREEN BITCH WITH A RARE SKIN CONDITION CARPENTER is a little more catchy or you could call her Jade? Its a stone and a name everyone will think she's da bomb.