Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Storytelling on the London Underground

I'm scared of the underground. But when travelling with a five-year-old, it's best to hide such fears. So to distract us both on the way to the science museum, I read 'Green Eggs and Ham'. 'A' loves it. She joins in on the 'Sam-I-am's. And while we are reading, something amazing happens. Every other person in the carriage turns off their Ipod or folds up their newspaper and leans in to hear the story. The nearby people look at the pictures, also. The busy carriage is transformed from a place of hostility to a place of friendship. The usual isolation was broken by something as simple as a storybook.


Joe Carpenter said...

This is such a lovely story. What an amazing but simple thing can bring people together. Such a powerful spell words can cast on us. They truly are serene!

Jack B said...

cocks cocks cocks in socks socks socks HaH! cocksocks!

Teri said...