Thursday, 11 April 2013

Stuff from Japan!

 I ordered a bunch of cool things a while back and they didn't arrive in time for me to take me with them. So this time when I came to England they were here waiting for me. Hooray! The picture above shows three craft kits which use air dry clay to make accessories such as rings, phone charms and necklaces. I'll post pictures of the craft process and my results once I get started on them.
These hippo stickers I ordered to make the wedding invitations: because they took so long to arrive, I made different invitations instead. I think I'll decorate my e-book reader with them.
 Fabric! The hearts will be a tablecloth for the wedding candy buffet, the mermaids a skirt, and the London scenes a pillow (I think).
And finally, a free roll of tape. I don't know why!

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