Saturday, 18 May 2013

Kutsuwa Clay Kit Review: Donut Accessories

I wanted to make this clay Donut kit all week, but managed to wait until the weekend. This kit lets you make clay donuts and cakes, and then use them to make key chains and phone charms. I'm looking forward to my move to Korea, when I will most certainly need to charm my phone or risk being socially shunned.
 The contents of the box were similar to the contents of the cake jewellery kit, except this one contained 3 key chains and 2 phone charms instead of the rings and necklaces included in the cake kit. This kit had moulds of different kinds of doughnuts and bakery goods, which were super fun!

This kit make a LOT of doughnuts and I had a lot of clay left over so I experimented with making some  ice creams and cakes with the colours from this kit but using the mould from the previous kit.

I sort of want to use some of the doughnuts to create a doughnut necklace. I've only got one kit left to make: the Cake Accessories kit. After that I'll look at all the charms I've made and decide which ones will become rings, necklaces, phone charms or key chains.


Precious Crafts said...

You've got yourself a huge collection of pastries there! How deliciously cute! :D

Amy Rose Walter said...

Thank you! I kindof want to eat them :)