Thursday, 7 March 2013

Collaborative Art

 Right before world book day, we did a collaborative art workshop with our Year Five reading buddies. We read a story called 'The Warrior and The Moon', which is set in Kisongo, the very village which is home to our school. It's about a Maasai warrior who loses the moon. Mount Kilimanjaro has swallowed it, and he has to climb Kili to get the moon back into the sky.

 We divided the kids into groups of mixed age and the story into six sections. Each group worked to create a mixed medium art piece, incorporating drawn elements by each child. The art took about an hour to complete. We'll meet up again to finish them: to add in details such as the striped fabric worn by the warriors and to add depth to the backgrounds by incorporating different materials.

Some of the pictures look good already: I can't wait to see the finished results! Working with kids from another year group kept everybody on task, and the children really helped each other and worked well as a team.

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