Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Poetry Reading

On Friday night I read some poems at Alliance Francais in aid of Women's Day. Since we don't have a printer I just brought some poems that had been printed inside magazines. I didn't know that the poems were supposed to be on the theme of 'The Strength of Women', so mine were slightly off topic. There were some cool poets doing different things. This guy did spoken word in Swahili:

 This woman showed her paintings behind her and then read the poems that had inspired her:

Sitawa Wafula, who's releasing her spoken word album soon, read poems on the theme of violence against women:
All the other poets did a great job. I think I was pretty terrible because I was so nervous! The spotlights shone in my eyes and I couldn't see the audience.

I hope everyone had a happy Women's Day and celebrated being women/ knowing women!

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