Tuesday, 5 March 2013

World Book Day Costume

It's that time of year in school: World Book Day. The time where teachers and kids alike put on a costume and dress up as book characters.

Last year I went as *The Cat in the Hat*. I made my costume myself out of cardboard, but I made it into the newspaper! Here it is:

This year I have gone for something slightly more controversial (for conservative Arusha), which won't make it into the paper. I'm going as a pair of pants from the book *More Pants* by Nick Sharrat. We're celebrating book day on 7th March, but I already made the pants: 
 I used cardboard and cotton wool, and plan to attach them over my clothes using a long piece of string. I'm also thinking of making a crown with different pairs of pants on. Here's some images from the book:

Since at my school on World Book Day we rotate the classes around and do activities with a bunch of different classes, my activity will be to make underpant necklaces. World Book day is always tons of fun at Braeburn, so I'll post some pictures from the day after it's happened.

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