Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Felt Cakes

I made some felt cakes a while ago whilst living in Finland, but never blogged about them. Since I'm having a bit of a crush on felt food in general recently, I decided that the time had come to share them with you.

To make these cakes (my first venture into felt food), I bought some handy chinese 'DIY Cake Kits'. I bought them from a shop called Blippo, which has a website but no longer stocks the felt cakes. In fact I am having a hard time finding the kits available anywhere. Since I'm moving to Asia soon I hope to have better luck there.

 The kits took 2-3 hours each to make and came with all the patterns, felt, threads, etc. If anyone knows where I can get some more, I'd love to know about it!

Next on my felt food agenda
This sandwich, the pattern for which is available from Jeanette Lim's etsy shop:
Its looks simple enough to make without a pattern though. I'd also like to make fruits and pizza!

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