Thursday, 10 January 2013

Making finger puppets with kids

In my classroom we've been busy designing and making our own finger puppets from felt. Here are just a few of the wonderful results!


We had a great time! The puppets in the pictures, from top left:
1. A Princess
2. A Cat
3. A Shark
4. A Fish
Top tips for making finger puppets with kids:
1. Give them a pattern to cut out the base from. You should be able to see the shape I used for the base if you look at the base shape of each puppet. It's the same for all of them, a bit like an 'n' shape.
2. Make the pattern WAY bigger than their finger: they may not be able to glue it very accurately, so there should be a lot of space of the inside
3. Let them do as much as possible by themselves: the designing, the cutting, the gluing: the results might not look amazing to you, but if they can do it by themselves they will be so proud!

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