Friday, 18 January 2013

Potato Clock

Do you ever feel that every blog you read is secretly trying to tell you 'My home is better than your home'? I do, and it's annoying. But in this particular instance, my home actually IS better than your home. Unless you too are lucky enough to possess a stylish potato clock:

 It looks fantastic and really works: we've had it up and running for about a week. We have ours in the lounge but I think it would also look cool in a kitchen or in an office, particularly the kind of office with cubicles where everything is kind of blah. I'm no scientist, but I guess that if the potatoes run out of power, you can replace them with some new ones!

To make the potato clock I think you really just need some potatoes and some bits of metal and wire, along with a clock fitting. We used this nifty kit that we got from Amazon:
It doesn't only work with potatoes! Also with lemons and soda, according to the instructions. I'd love to try it with pineapples! What are your ideas for things to test it with?

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