Monday, 21 January 2013

Lizzie McGuire Style Guide

If you know me well, you probably know that I LOVE Lizzie McGuire. Although I don't have a tv and haven't had in many years, I'm fortunate enough to have all the episodes on DVD.

This is pretty much my TV experience:
Aged 0-10: Watched a lot of tv
Aged 10-20: Only watched Lizzie McGuire and movies
Aged 20-Now: Continued to watch Lizzie McGuire, and movies. Began watching Glee. Did you know the two shows share the same gym coach?

Cool, huh. Anyway, last night whilst watching Lizzie Mcguire I realised she makes some pretty excellent fashion choices (or maybe it's just that Miranda's are so bad, Lizzie's look good by comparison). Here's my top three things that Lizzie has and I want:

1. Inflatable Backpack
These things are SO COOL! Lizzie must have about 5 of them. Inflatable backpacks have not had a long enough break yet between being fashionable the first time and now to make a comeback, but I'd like to singlehandedly make them cool again regardless. I want one in purple and one in blue. I found some great ones on Ebay, new for only £1.50 each. Of course, they don't ship to Tanzania. But they may well ship to where you live!

2. Platform Flip Flops
 Lizzie has about a million pairs of shoes, which would never fit into that ordinary-sized wardrobe of hers. About half a million of them are platform flip flops. I know there's some kind of 'platform flip flops' in style right now, but they are completely inferior, in that they start high and go down towards the toes like high heels do. I favor the kind that make you look like you're walking on five inches of solid foam.

3. Hairstyles
Lizzie has a different hairstyle for every single day of her high school career and I like at least 90% of them. I pretty much wear my hair in the same 5 ways all the time, which is almost a crime in Tanzania, where women spend a lot of time and money of elaborate hairstyles. Miranda has a new hairstyle every day, too, but they give her all the terrible ones:

Thus concludes my style guide, based on watching the first four episodes of the show last night. If like me you secretly wish you were Lizzie Mcguire, you can emulate her by dedicating A LOT more time to your hair and buying a couple of deeply unfashionable (but awesome!) accessories. Who knows, I may come up with more style ideas as I make my way through the series for the first time this decade!

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