Thursday, 24 January 2013

Wedding Invitations

My friend Liz hosted a craft night on Thursday, which was fun. I always wish crafting was more social and I got my wish! 

I ordered some stuff with which to make wedding invitations from Hong Kong, but it never arrived, so now I need to start thinking of other ways to make them. I had this idea of doing pairs of something with a watercolour wash background. It took me about 2 hours to do 16 of them: I hope the real invitations don't take that long!

These are some of the designs:

On Friday I showed them to people and most liked the turtles or the fish or starfish. I liked the ghosts. 'They're not very weddingy', said everyone. (I had thought that the ocean creatures matched the fact that it's a beach wedding). But then I got home. 'I like the ghosts', Jouni said. And then I smiled, because I knew it meant people would be getting ghost invitations whether they liked it or not!

On Saturday morning I messed around with some ideas for the text inside the invitations. I'm not sure yet which I like best:
As a person who is neither very organised nor very weddingy, these invitations probably won't get sent out for another month. We need to buy card and I need to paint all the little pictures. Theres so much stuff to do! It should all pay off though, because I think on the day everyone will have a lot of fun.

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