Monday, 14 January 2013

The Year Of Her Majesty

Every year is a Royal year for me (I love the queen), but a couple of new additions allow me to more fully express her Royal Highness in my very own home. At the top is my 2013 calendar, which I bought in England in April 2012. Below that is my new biscuit tin, bought by my mum inside the confines of the VERY PALACE ITSELF. Plus she worked out a way for me to fraud my way in by pretending to be her next time. Go Mum!

In Finland I've got some excellent embroidered tea towels from Buckingham Palace, and in England I've got several vintage mugs from the silver jubilee, bought from car boot sales for 50-100 pence each. I wish I could show you them because they are so cool! But another time, perhaps. There's also two badges. The bigger one was another car boot find. I wore it recently when Prince Charles was on his royal visit to Tanzania. I don't like Charles or anyone else except the Queen really, but it was a good excuse:

The small badge was my Mum's. She must really love me (or not understand my obsessions with the queen...). The final photograph is of a postcard I bought when I was last in London. It's the Queen of Diamonds... in the year of her Diamond jubilee! Of all the Queen Elizabeth II memorabilia, I feel it is perhaps the most perfect.

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