Thursday, 31 January 2013

Weekend at TCP, Moshi

Following the fun of the previous weekend, I went away for the weekend again, this time to TCP in Moshi. TCP is a crazy place: it's an enormous sugar plantation with it's own factory, train line, gas station, accommodation, golf course and canteens. We went to stay in the 'First Class accommodation, which was basically a big house. There are 6 rooms and 12 of us went. The house was really fifties looking:

It had the most wonderful private pool, in which I spent almost the entire weekend!

It was really beautiful and a wonderful break from Arusha. Best of all it only costs $34 per person per night, including breakfast. They've got big plans to make it available to tourists, so the prices are bound to go up soon. If you live in Arusha or Moshi and want a great weekend break with friends, it's the perfect place!

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