Monday, 18 February 2013

Free Lunch

 My friend Liz gave me an invitation to a free lunch at Blue Ginger! The restaurant opened about a month ago and is inside the Themi suites complex at Njiro. I guess nobody knew they were open, so they decided to do the free lunch as a promo event.

You could order whatever sandwiches/ croissants you wanted and they made them for you with the fillings. I got a sandwich at first but then I was so jealous of Jouni's croissant that I ordered one of those too!

It was going to be a ladies lunch, but since it was happening two minutes away from Jouni's work I had to call him and inform him of the bounty.
 I wore my hair in this 'fashionable' style that I got from watching Lizzie Mcguire. I recommend trying it. It only took five minutes and your head stays cool on a hot day.

Perhaps in honour of the free lunch the chef had created some impressive bread sculptures:
I guess the free lunch promo tactic worked because a lot of people said they would go there for lunch regularly now that they know it is there. I would, too, if it weren't over an hour from my home! To be honest, everything is far away from my home: we live in the countryside.

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