Sunday, 10 February 2013

Kawaii Jewellery

Part of my plan to take over the craft world includes opening an Etsy shop stocked with handmade, super cute jewellery. Since that may take a while to come into fruition (I'd need to work in a country where the postal system works, for one thing), here's a selection of my favourites from current sellers.

1. Made from polymer clay by Jollycharms: Super cute, shiny and beautiful faces.

2. Also beautiful, also made from polymer clay by DoodieBear. Perfect use of colour.

3. Made of resin by StoopidGerl. Kind of creepycute and tons of fun.

When I launch my Kawaii Jewellery collection someday I hope it will be filled with sparkle and shine and enormous pieces of plastic. Also, large doses of cuteness and a mixture of pastels and brights. I also plan to launch an empire of felt food patterns. Look out, world!

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