Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Holland Party!

On Saturday we went to a party at our friend Monique's house. She has a beautiful garden. Because she is from Holland she also has some excellent, pointy wooden shoes!
Vera enjoyed her soda so much that she pretended to keep drinking it for hours after she was done. The big kids had fun in the hammock swing and the little kids played in the sandpit that they made last week from building blocks.
Whenever I go to parties I talk to the people I already know. People always tell me I should mingle more. But the friends I already have are my friends because I want to hang out with them!
I am sad to leave friends scattered all over the world. People in the UK tell me all the time that I have an amazing life, and I agree. But there's downfalls to every lifestyle, and all this travelling makes me feel a bit homeless sometimes.

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