Tuesday, 19 February 2013

I made a Japanese Schoolgirl Doll

 About a week ago I said I was going to try to make a doll, for the first time in my life. Well, I finished it, and this is what it looks like! I think it came out okay. It could be a bit more 3D, but since I made up the pattern myself I basically just drew around a drawing to get the pattern. Here's the drawing: 
 It came out quite a lot like the drawing I made, although the hair is bigger in the drawing (I didn't account for how the head would change shape once I stuffed it). In case you are wondering what that furry thing behind is: it's my new cowhide chair.

It was fun to follow my instincts and see what would happen and I felt more free than when following a pattern, so I was happy making it. I've drawn out a lot more ideas for dolls to make and the next on my list is a frenchman carrying a baguette and walking a sausage dog. The idea is that these dolls (and some felt food) will eventually form the basis of my etsy pdf pattern business.

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