Sunday, 3 February 2013

Nice Guys Finish First: Lizzie Mcguire Dating Guide

I'm working my way through Season Two of Lizzie Mcguire. Lizzie is in love with Ethan, but agrees to go on a date with Larry so as not to hurt his feelings. They go on a date the science museum(!) and then Lizzie breaks up with him because she doesn't think there's any chemistry (ha ha ha). Anyways, joke's on her because he grew up to be sexy:

 And she grew up to marry this guy (in real life!):

And that guy Ethan? The one who Lizzie is in love with but he's kindof a douchebag? Take a look:

 So, what is the meaning of all this? Besides that Lizzie needs to learn how to choose a man? It merely adds to my theory that though nice guys have a suckish time in school, they actually grow up to be winners in life.

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