Saturday, 2 February 2013

I made felt doughnuts!

Did I mention that I'm into making things out of felt lately? Over the past two days in my free time I've been working on this pair of doughnuts: a strawberry doughnut and a raspberry doughnut.

 I didn't use a pattern: I tried drawing around a few circles in my house and found that a pringles lid is almost the right size (a couple of millimetres bigger all the way around was perfect for me. It occured to me that if I designed a lot of my own felt food I could sell the patterns on Etsy. These two are my first attempt.

I used beads for the sprinkles and they took forever to sew on! This was my first time making raspberries from felt and I found it fascinating to see how they came together.

I'd also like to make a chocolate doughnut. If you have any idea which fruit would look good on a chocolate doughnut, I'd love to hear it!

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