Friday, 22 February 2013

Sun Prints

 I wanted to make some sun prints with the kids, partly because they are cool and partly to try to make them wear their hats when they play in the sun (look kids, the sun is so dangerous it took all the colour away from this paper!)

I gave each child a sheet of black construction paper and let them choose what they wanted to make the print of. We chose things from our classroom and from the natural environment.  The guidelines I read on Ehow said that sunprints on construction paper should take about a couple of hours. Because we live on the equator I thought an hour would be long enough, but nothing had happened after an hour. So we left them 24 hours. I still think the contrast could be greater!

Puzzle pieces and a hand print looked really cool:

One boy had the smart idea of making a house:

Most of the compositions were pretty random. We taped down everything that moved when we blew on it, as well as taping the whole paper to the concrete.

A school is not the best place to make sunprints, because there are so many children that want to lift up all the pieces to see what's happening underneath. That's totally understandable, but it did mean that some of the prints came out looking blurry from being put back down in roughly the same place, but not exactly.

I'd like to try it with different colours of construction paper to see which one gives the best contrast.

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