Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Wedding Portrait

I'm so excited to tell you that we have hired an artist to paint our wedding portrait! Laura Manfre will paint our portrait in watercolour. Her work is really vibrant and has an interesting sort of 'blotchiness'. Here's some examples. I have no idea if she has ever painted a wedding portrait before: I fell in love with her painting of a pug dog!

Her prices are very reasonable, and she only charges £10 extra to have two people in the painting. I'd recommend her (even though I don't yet know what the finished painting will look like) if you need a wedding portrait or are just feeling egotistical. Let's be honest, no one really needs a wedding portrait.

Although this is the only wedding detail I have yet organised, besides booking the venue, it makes me feel hopeful that I will make progress in other areas of wedding planning, too!

You can look out for the finished painting some time near the beginning of August.

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