Saturday, 23 February 2013

How to make 'Cloud Water' to play with

Like a mother trying to sneak vegetables into the diets of unsuspecting children, I find more and more elaborate ways to sneak English money into the worlds of these kids who will probably never need a pound coin in their lives. They need to be able to use English money (rather than Tanzanian Shillings) because of the curriculum we follow.

I poured some English money into the water tray and no one wanted to play with it. Can't really blame them. So then I invented CLOUD WATER and suddenly everyone did!

How to make Could Water
- Fill your container with water
- Get some white, washable poster paint (half a cupful for about 10 litres)
- Fill half the cup with the paint, half with water, and mix with a big paintbrush
- Add it to your water tray/container and mix again
- The water will look like a cloud
- Fill a quarter of a cup with liquid soap
- Add it to the cloud water and mix. It will look all frothy and inviting
- Sprinkle some glitter in. The glitter will sit on the surface and look magical
- Surreptitiously toss in a few handfuls of English coins (optional)
- Finished!

(We also added elephants. An unusual match with the coins, but hey. You're only five once).

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