Sunday, 24 February 2013

Wedding Location

Y'all should come to Zanzibar for our wedding! It's completely brilliant in Zanzibar. Here's a few photos we took the last time we were there:

I'm so excited to see friends and family in such a fabulous location! (And a bit excited about the wedding, too). 5 months to go today! I need to buy a wedding dress. Jouni has his shirt already. It's really cool, in sort of a Muslim waiter kind of a way. It's got all this silver embroidery of moons and stars.


SecretBatcave said...

Nice tortoise, will you be having them at your wedding?

Also congrats!

(We had a tortoise at our wedding, it had the same name as my dad, here is a link of a french man playing a piano to them in an attempt to get them to mate.)

-willem (and Gems)

Amy Rose Walter said...

Hey Willem,

That's so cool that you guys had a tortoise at your wedding with the same name as Mr Koopman. Thank you for that video (I think?!) we won't have tortoises but my grandparents will be there, which should fulfill the old and wrinkly requirement ;)


wilians wilim said...

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